EL-LOGIC company was founded in 2008 and has been growing dynamically ever since. We started our business from designing control systems of glass factory machines and subsequently from installing electrical systems in industrial halls. Every year since we have opened our business to new sectors: aggregates, glass industry, relocation of machines. We first started growing domestically, then moved on to the European market and currently we accept assignments anywhere in the world. At present we offer a wide range of services adapting to the market needs, at the same time retaining quality standards and introducing innovative solutions. A team of professionals, dedicated to the constant growth of our company, is our greatest asset.


CUSTOMER FOCUS – our goal is to provide professional services, which would fulfill all the expectations and needs of our customers.

STRONG FINANCIAL SITUATION – our goal is to maintain a good financial situation and ensure its continuous and dynamic growth.

GOOD EMPLOYER – our goal is to ensure good working conditions and personal growth of our employees.

CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY – our goal is to run our company in ethical way, caring about the needs of people and environment around us but remaining sensitive to the problems of local and global communities.

We specialize in the following fields

Specialist MAG and TIG welding
  • We do specialist welding in food industry and in other branches
PLC and safety controllers programming
  • We program SIEMENS and Allen-Bradley controllers
  • We program PNOZmulti controllers
  • We program SIEMENS operator control panels
Designing and building SCADA application
  • We use various programs: WinCC, InTouch, Indusoft
  • We visualize processes of aggregation, sorting, heat exchange, drive control
  • We build new applications
  • We develop existing systems
Designing machines and control systems
  • We design machines as per concepts provided by the customer
  • We develop electronic control units
  • We design pneumatically operated machines
Renovation of machines
  • We do electrical and mechanical renovations
  • We undertake standing orders of cyclical renovations
Relocations of machines and processing lines
  • We relocate machines and processing lines regardless of location
Installation of machines and processing lines
  • We do installations as per recommendations and under supervision of the manufacturer
Replacement of control systems in machines
  • We replace outdated control system with new solutions
  • We prepare new control cabinets for machines in use
  • We choose substitutes for meters and actuators
Automation of processing lines
  • We design and develop complete control and visualization system
  • We integrate new systems with the already existing ones
  • We choose meters and actuators
Electrical measurements
  • SONEL multifunctional electrical installations meters
  • Each meter has a valid calibration certificate
  • Skilled staff
  • Programs for doing measurement protocols
Designing and installing electrical systems in public utility buildings
  • We design and install low-voltage and medium-voltage electrical systems
  • We provide transformer stations
  • We select and install energy-saving light fixture
Designing and installing electrical systems and C&I in industry
  • We give consideration to our customers’ needs to choose the best solutions
  • Our designers are experts
  • We use reliable solutions
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