Many companies specialize in relocation of machines but our professional staff and our approach make us stand out. We view the assignment as complete only after we have made sure the machines work as well as before the relocation.

We perform relocation as per the below points:

  • we determine the scope and the schedule with the customer before the work begin
  • if the machine requires specialist settings to be applied by the service, we determine the schedule with the service
  • we ensure software security at the request of the customer
  • we work closely with the customer at every stage of the relocation
  • the customer decides about the layout of machines in the new location but we work closely with the customer to make sure that this new layout is consistent with good practices, Health and Safety regulations and that the machines are appropriately set and secured.
  • We connect the machines to the electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and sewerage systems provided that all these systems are present in the new location
  • We make electrical measurements at the request of the customer and provide a report for this